white dove memorial

A white dove release is a symbolic and breathtaking touch for every ceremony from the most intimate family gathering to the grandest affair.
white dove release

At the time of a loved ones death it is one of the hardest times in our lives. A white dove release is a peaceful and healing tribute to the memory of them.

The Trinity; involves the release of three doves symbolizing "Father, Son and Holy Spirit". They are released from a heart shaped basket. Followed by the release of a single dove symbolizing the spirit of your loved one, released by a member of the your family.

We can also release our Coming of angels with 12 to 24 doves out of a large basket.

"If I must leave this world today,
please find a dove to show me the the way.
For the sky has eternal space,
find a dove who knows this place.
Let her fly and circle free.
Look close behind her and you might see me.
We will part at Heavens door,
where I will find peace forever more.
If I must leave this world today,
find me a dove to show me the way."

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